Commission Form - Chunnyeol
By accepting and filling this form, you accept to order a Custom Commission made by the Artist Chunnyeol, and You can't get a refund when I start drawing, keep this in mind please.


★ All commissions are for personal use only. Please contact me if you’d like something for commercial use! (If you use it for commercial purposes without telling me, you will be banned and I will take legal action)
★ All payments are via Paypal invoice, EURO only.
★ I’ll start to work after receiving the full payment.
★ Finished commissions will be posted on my social media sites like Instagram and twitter. If you’d prefer otherwise, please mention it during the order.
★ If you’d like to be tagged on Instagram/twitter, please remember to tell me who you are!
★ I will do everything I can to make my customers happy, however I won't be allowing any changes to be made after I've finished the commission

For all commissions, the artist keeps ownership to copyrights to artwork and retains rights to feature the image in illustration books/zines. The artwork will never be used without the client’s permission.

I reserve the right to decline commissions that I’m not comfortable with. If you aren’t sure, please feel free to ask!!

✰ FAQ ✰

✦ Could I order more than one commission at a time?
✧ Yes! You have no limits

✦ When will I get my commission?
✧ I will send it to you the finished one between 2 - 12 days of ordering it

✦ What will or won't draw?

✧ WILL ✧
Cute Boys
Real People
IDOLs, Game, Anime, Manga Characters
Animals / Pokemon / Digimon

✧ WON'T ✧
Muscular Bodies
Complicated clothes / Armor
NSFW (Sexual actions)

Emote - Simple chest up chibi
Chibi - Full body chibi
Bigi - Waist up character

If you have any doubt please DM at Twitter or Instagram ( @Chunnyeol )
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