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This form is to determine a Initial placement based on Experience, Roles, and the needs of Team Structures.
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.,;'"BACKBONE"';,. Gaming team placement request form
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Online Gaming and Public events NOTICE.
Minors are restricted from participating in Certain events and/or may need Parental Permission ( ex. valid to travel to next stage of a series ) Due to the nature of online Gaming and the Unpredictability of what may happen while On the internet, in Public, at an Event, or otherwise BACKBONE will not be held responsible nor liable for a person, property, or experience. However we do Promote and practice Safety and security on and off the internet. for more information please email
call or txt "Minor Matters" 717-745-6777
to Learn more about Esports and Online gaming and verify your understanding. When the process is complete you will recieve #Child Can Compete Code ( part of the 4u campaign from the FFFF ) the #CCCC and other related materials are held by the .,;'"GtR"';,.
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