Shorenorth Financial Aid Form
Instructions: Please fill out completely. Your identity will be kept confidential. Applications deadlines are as follows:
Fall: Sept 11
Winter: Nov 13
Spring: Feb 12
COVID-19 Special Financial Aid: Ongoing through end of 2020

Our community is experiencing an unprecedented situation with COVID-19 and, in response, Shorenorth is providing assistance to members as a way to lessen the financial burden created. Financial assistance usually includes up to 50% tuition waiver, is not applicable to Shoreline Community College (SCC) quarterly fees, cannot be granted retroactively and does not apply to registration fees. In light of these special circumstances, COVID-19 special financial assistance will not be subject to a minimum tuition waiver, Shorenorth will pay the SCC fee if a need is present and retroactive requests that include March tuition will be considered.

If you are in need of financial assistance, please apply by the 10th of the month assistance is requested for, using the form below. Aid is granted on an individual basis. If you have additional questions, please contact our Treasurer at and/or our Director at
Your name:
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You may only apply for financial aid one quarter at a time.
For members joining mid-quarter or needing assistance for 1-2 months only, check the months that apply.
If assistance is needed for 1-2 months only, this form must be submitted before the quarterly deadlines.
I am able to pay the following each month: *
Full tuition for reference: Baby n Me: $45, Explorers: $65, Toddlers: $100, Movers: $150, Groovers: $155.
Please tell us why you are applying for financial aid: *
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