18/19 AEEA Bargaining Survey
Prior to drafting and submitting an Initial Proposal for 2018-19, unit member input is requested.
Your feedback is essential to the process and is very much appreciated. Unit member input is treated as confidential information and is not tracked or associated with any unit member. The Association receives a single report which tallies the total responses of all survey participants for each question.
Please complete the survey below by NO LATER than DECEMBER 21.
1. RANK (using 1, 2 and 3) the following three (3) areas/Articles based on your bargaining priorities.
1 = most important
Class Size/Caseload
Health and Welfare
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2. MARK your OVERALL SATISFACTION with recent changes to the evaluation process (Procedures of Evaluation, Article VI).
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3. OPTIONAL: MARK any area of the evaluation process (Procedures of Evaluation, Article VI) that needs further improvement.
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