2017 FALL MONTHLY Indoor at 18m RECREATIONAL Enrollment Form
Please read and then fill in the form below. Thanks!

This enrollment form is for JUNIOR archers, their PARENTS, and ADULT archers who have
- taken and qualified in the Indoor 1: First-time Class,
- graduated out of Indoor 2 at 9m by shooting 230pts on the 40cm target face or 240pts on the 60cm target face,
- graduated out of Indoor 3A at 13.5m by shooting 230pts on the 40cm target face or 240pts on the 60cm target face,
- therefore graduated to 18m

can enroll and shoot with their child(ren) in the following classes, provided they have also taken an Indoor 1: First-time Class, and have met the above prerequisites.


DATES: AUG 22 - DEC 15, 2017

RANGE: 10203 OLD Manchaca Rd., Austin, TX 78748
MAILING: Archery Training Center, Inc., PO Box 93216, Austin, TX 78709
E-MAIL: archerytrainingcenteraustin@gmail.com

PHONE + TEXT: 512 975 1850

CAPACITY: 10 archers per class
AGES: 8 - 80 years old

DISTANCE: 18m only

CLASS SCHEDULE: Dates and times are listed within the form below.

NOV 20-26 Happy Thanksgiving
DEC 16 - JAN 5 Winter Holiday Break

This enrollment form must be completed and your payment received in order for you to be enrolled and a place reserved for you. You'd need to pay for at least one class in advance of the one you're attending.
You can enroll any time during the semester for as many or as few classes as you like as long as there are places open.
So, for example, you can enroll for the entire semester, each month, or sprinkle the days throughout the semester depending on your schedule. (Please bear in mind, however, you'll progress faster with regular attendance.)

ATTENDANCE RECOMMENDATIONS (in order to improve over time). Recreational archers have no attendance requirements.
INDOOR 2 at 9m : 2 hrs/wk
INDOOR 3A at 13.5m : 3-4 hrs/wk
INDOOR 3B at 18m : 4-5 hrs/wk
INDOOR 4 at 18m : 6 hrs/wk
INDOOR 5 at 18m: 8 hrs/wk

You'll be trained in Indoor 2 at 9m until you score 240 pts and master certain NTS* Shot Cycle positions, then you'll move back to 13.5m in Indoor 3A until you score 240 pts and master more NTS Shot Cycle positions, and then to 18m in Indoor 3B until you score 200 pts. twice and master more NTS Shot Cycle positions. After that you'll be in Indoor 4: Advanced!
You can also decide to be in the Progressive Program at any time after you reach Indoor 3A at 13.5m (see below under Progressive Program). Please note that mastering NTS positions relevant to each level will be required to advance to the next level. Advancement will no longer be based on scores alone. All archers who join USA Archery can advance indoors through the Bronze, Silver, and Gold JOAD Olympian levels awarded by USA Archery.


In order to improve in archery, archers need to practice more as they advance, or they will "plateau" until the number of hours/years/arrows are sufficient to push them up into the next level. For example: Do you shoot 10,000 arrows in 1.5 months or 6 years?" It's a matter of building muscle memory, but also neural pathways. The more you do, the stronger these become - but only after you know and can do the NTS form quite well and consistently. Shooting a lot of arrows, for example, before you know the positions just delays progress. Indoor at 18m is when you really start to build up arrow count, having mastered a good portion of the NTS method. Coaching provides constant reminders of the NTS positions.

There are no attendance requirements for Recreational archers. All Indoor 2 archers at 9m are considered recreational. At any point in the semester, archers at or above Indoor 3A can change to the PROGRESSIVE PROGRAM by signing up for it, and committing to the required hours of practice in the range.

This new program is for archers in Indoor 3A and above. It sets time/attendance requirements in the range to help fast-track archers into the Competitive Archery Program (CAP) with Coach Alex.
Progressive archers must continuously meet the time/attendance requirements to remain in the Progressive Program. Those who fall short of the weekly time/attendance requirements will automatically be considered Recreational, and Recreational class fees will apply. Progressive archers will participate in tournaments in Indoor 4 - just for experience and fun! - and will also receive special "Progressive" tags rewarding them each week that they meet the time requirements.
The Progressive Program min. time/attendance weekly requirements are:
4 hrs/wk - Indoor 3A at 13.5m
5 hrs/wk - Indoor 3B at 18m (up to 200 pts. twice)
6 hrs/wk - Indoor 4 at 18m (201-250 pts.)
8 hrs/wk - Indoor 5 at 18m (251-270 pts.)

Progressive archers will be eligible for recommendation to USA Archery Level 4 NTS* and JDT* Coach Alex Meyer's Competitive Archery Program (CAP). The CAP Program is for those who want to be competitive archers and shoot in both indoor and outdoor tournaments, who have shot at least 250 pts. at 18m, have a MQS (minimum qualifying score) of 240 pts. at 18m, know and can shoot the NTS Method, compete in the Draft CAP Tournament annually in Sept./Oct., and have at least 10 hrs/wk to dedicate to archery.

All fees are payable by your first class of each month, and in advance of the Indoor at 18m class to secure your place in the class. Please pay for one class in advance of the one you are attending.
Monthly fees are based on attending at least two two-hour classes each week, but you can come to 3 or 4 classes each week for the same enrollment fee. When there are fewer than 10 classes in a month, the fee is $40/class.

$ 240 AUG (6 classes available: AUG 22, 23, 26, 27, 29, 30)
$ 360 SEPT (17 classes available: SEPT 2, 3, 5, 6, 9, 10, 12, 13, 16, 17, 19, 20, 23, 24, 26, 27, 30)
$ 400 OCT (18 classes available: OCT 1, 3, 4, 7, 8, 10, 11, 14, 15, 17, 18, 21, 22, 24, 25, 28, 29, 31)
$ 320 NOV (13 classes available: NOV 1, 4, 5, 7, 8, 11, 12, 14, 15, 18, 19, 28, 29)
$ 320 DEC (8 classes available: DEC 2, 3, 5, 6, 9, 10, 12, 13)

+ Enrollment fee: $20 (always due once per semester)

There are no refunds or credits for paid days missed AUG 22 - DEC 15, 2017, except in the case of injury, long-term illness, unforeseen move out of the Austin area, being expelled for a safety violation or if we cancel a class. If, however, you let us know that you will miss a class, you can substitute another class as long as there are places left in that class during the FALL 2017 semester.

In the case of physical injury or long-term illness, we require a doctor's note saying the archer is unable to practice archery, and then a doctor's note saying the archer is fit to return to archery, before the archer will be allowed back in class or a refund/credit issued.

Total the fees for each month. (See above.)
Add the $20 semester enrollment fee

We accept checks and credit cards in person at the indoor range.
Please make your check payable to "Archery Training Center, Inc." and give it to us at JOAD* or mail it to us at:
Archery Training Center, Inc., PO Box 93216, Austin, TX 78709-3216

Membership in USA Archery is now REQUIRED to participate in JOAD and Adult Training.
This is a new USA Archery requirement.
You can attend 2 JOAD classes before joining USAA, but then we'll need to see your membership card BEFORE WE CAN HAND OUT ANY USA ARCHERY STAR PINS to you during Master Challenge Weeks!
If you would like to see the benefits of USAA membership: http://www.teamusa.org/USA-Archery/Membership/Membership-Benefits
JOIN USA ARCHERY:: https://webpoint.usarchery.org/wp/Memberships/Join.wp
(Youths <17yrs.: $35; Adults: $50; Family: $80)

PARENTS PLEASE NOTE: We are part of the US Olympic Committee's Safe Sport program, so we minimally require one other adult besides the instructor to be present at all times. Please plan to stay with your child or take turns with other parents staying whenever necessary to fulfill this requirement. THANKS!

Please fill out, sign, and return the INDOOR 2 PACKET: Photo, Medical, and Supervision Releases available at the range or online.

E-mail us at archerytrainingcenteraustin@gmail.com or
Call or Text us at 512 975 1850

*NTS = National Training System (which is used for training the USA Olympic team!)
*JDT = Junior Dream Team (top 20 Junior archers in the USA!)
*JOAD = Junior Olympic Archery Development

ARCHER's first and last Name (and Age, if under 18)
Please fill out one enrollment form per archer.
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For Juniors, PARENT's first and last Name, Relationship
Example: Jane Smith, mom; John Smith, dad
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Cell phone
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Has the archer taken an Indoor 1: First-time Class and met the other prerequisites?
The prerequisite for Indoor 2 is Indoor 1, so if you haven't yet taken Indoor 1, please sign up by clicking the SIGN UP button on our website.
Which months do you want to sign up for?
What is your total fee?
Add up the monthly fees + $20 enrollment fee (paid once per semester).
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How will you be paying your fee in advance?
Please make checks out to "Archery Training Center, Inc."
If you are mailing your payment, what date can we expect to receive it?
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Have you joined USA Archery?
Membership in USA Archery is now REQUIRED to participate in JOAD and Adult Training. This is a new USA Archery requirement. You can attend 2 JOAD classes before joining USAA, but then we'll need to see your membership card BEFORE WE CAN HAND OUT ANY USA ARCHERY STAR PINS to you during Master Challenge Weeks! See above for the links to join.
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