2020 San Francisco                                            Gazteak Registration form          
Please fill out one form for each participating child.

1. The age limit for the small group is set at 7 (in 2020) through 13 years of age.  Parents must belong to either the San Francisco Basque Club, or the Basque Cultural Center.  Children move into the Zazpiak Bat group as 8th graders.

2. Dance practice hours start promptly at the time and place specified by the club.  No spectators are allowed at practice sessions, including parents, with the exception of the Board of Directors.

3. Time will be spent practicing only.  Participants unable to practice due to ill health, injury, or homework should remain home.

4. Those who can not attend practice should notify the instructor one week before the day of the practice in question.  If the absence is due to illness, parents should call the instructor before 11:30 that day.  If the instructor is not informed ahead of time that the participants will be absent, that absence will be considered unexcused.

5. Roll call will be taken at each practice.  This record will be kept by the instructor.

6. Persons who refuse to dance, do not obey the instructor, or cause trouble can be expelled from a practice, and will have a notice sent to their parents by the club.  If no improvements are made, a four (4) practice suspension will be imposed.

7. It will be left up to the instructor to use his or her judgement in selecting participants for special dances or groups.  Ability, height, posture, and attendance are points taken into consideration.

8. Dancers are responsible for equipment and costumes belonging to the club.  Damage will be subject to replacement at the participant's own cost.

9. The conduct of the dancers while in costume should always be respectful and orderly.  All costumes should be properly worn, neat and clean, and should meet the requirements placed by the group.  There should be pride in what is being represented.

10. All dancers are practicing and performing at their own risk, and will not hold the instructors, the Basque Club, or the Basque Cultural Center (or any agents for either clubs) liable for any injury that may occur.

11. All appearances or contracts must be made through the person designated by the club.

12.  All those participating in dance are expected to treat others with respect and care.  Disrespect shown towards others will not be tolerated.

13.  Dance education requires “hands-on” instruction, as well as verbal instruction. Instructors will regularly correct students by touching their arms, hands, legs, feet, hips, waist, back and head or dance in close position. Instructors will also verbally correct students during class.  If a student feels uncomfortable with this, they should communicate that directly with the instructor.  If any student or parent has any questions regarding any of the instruction methods used during the practice, they are encouraged to direct those questions to the group director, who will be happy to explain and demonstrate any techniques in question.

14.  Basque Dance is often practiced and performed using implements such as wooden sticks, swords, or arcs.  Although dancers are instructed to be careful and mindful of other around them, accidents do occur and dancers may be hit with the implements used during the dance.  

15. A signed copy of this Registration Form will be kept on file for each participant.

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