Disability Rights Center - NH
40th Anniversary Celebration
In 2018, Disability Rights Center - New Hampshire will celebrate 40 years of service to people with disabilities in New Hampshire. We're excited for our anniversary and want to recognize and celebrate the ways that DRC-NH has made a difference to people with disabilities across the state.

To do this, we need your help. We want to hear about your fondest memory of DRC -NH. How did DRC help you or your family? What do you think are DRC's greatest achievements?

We want to hear from everyone including current and former staff, Board members, Advisory Council members, partner organizations, colleagues, people with disabilities and others. We want to hear from you. We welcome stories about our biggest accomplishments and those small things that made a difference.

We’ll be sharing memories of DRC-NH via our newsletter and social media throughout the year. We’ll also post them on our website and may use them during other 40th anniversary events.

Use this form to share your memories or email stephaniep@drcnh.org. Photos and videos are also welcome.

Thank you. Your support has helped make DRC-NH the organization it is today and will be critical as we continue the fight for the civil rights of people with disabilities in the future.

Looking forward to the next 40 years!

Stephanie Patrick, Executive Director

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