Who is meant to attend this program?
Graduates in Petroleum Geosciences, Engineering, (BSc, B.Engr.) and Polytechnic (HND) graduates and related disciplines. And we believe that due to your interest in our programe, you are who we are looking for to be part of the LPGC Family.

What is the programme all about?
The programme is an integrated one that runs on a period of nine (9) months in class and three (3) months internship in the industry; at the end of which a Post-Graduate National Innovative Diploma in Applied Petroleum Geosciences is awarded. The coursework is divided into 5 modules: a general module, a theoretical module, a practical module, a Lab module and a Field Development Project. Trust me it is worth it!

What do you stand to gain?
Apart from the theoretical principles applicable to the Oil and Gas industry, you stand to gain practical know-how on the industry-relevant softwares like: PETREL, ECLIPSE, MBAL, SAPPHIR, PROSPER, GEOGRAPHIX, PRISM, and many more. That is not all! At Laser we also offer a Laboratory Module where you get the opportunity to understand and practice what is done in our PVT (Pressure-Volume-Temperature) Lab, our Environmental Lab and our Core Flooding Analysis Lab.

You do not want to miss this amazing opportunity to be trained by seasoned professionals with years of experience in the industry and academia.

How much is it? The fee is N850,000 only and N1,500,000 for sponsored students, payable in three (3) installments.

For your registration you'll have to get an application form available for a sum of N10,000 only. Once payment is made, you'll fill the application form that would be sent to you and send back to us and also you'll include a copy of a proof of payment as an attachment.

A step by step registration process would be sent to guide you as well.

If you have gotten this far and you are still here, then that means you are one of the few who doesn't just dream but ensure to take decisive steps to not only develop yourself. Not only that but be able to equip your future with the knowledge and skills that would be acquired in this LPGC training and we would love to have you reach your desired heights.
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