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Lets design the right service for you to stay on track with your fitness goals. Note Scott's latest email re equipment available to you from the box today - please reply to that email seperately.
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Which of the following best describes your fitness goals right now?
What training equipment will you have access to? Don't worry if the answer is none - we can make this work with bodyweight movements and household objects. If you plan to train outdoors it's worth considering what equipment you might have access to e.g. in the park. As well as weights that you might have access to do let me know if you have a bike, skipping rope or other useful training kit.
Where will you be doing most of your training?
Do you have any injuries or other physical limitations that I need to consider when preparing your workouts?
How many and What days of the week do you want to train with us? We can change this from week to week but this just gives me an idea of frequency and your preferred pattern
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If you would like me to call to discuss further then let me know a good time and number to call in the next two days. If you are a confirmed yes then your coach will contact you instead. Please let us know a good time and if you are a confirmed yes or a maybe. (Note no personal coaching memberships will start until after this first call)
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