Community Powers of Tau Ceremony Survey
The Ethereum Foundation and members of the Ethereum community interested in zk-SNARKs will soon perform a trusted setup much like Zcash's Powers of Tau ceremony. The point of the ceremony is to distribute the generation of zk-SNARK cryptographic parameters among many participants in a way such that only 1 participant needs to be honest (i.e. dispose of the toxic waste) for the resulting parameters to be secure and trustworthy.

The results of the ceremony will be a public good as they can benefit all zk-SNARK circuits. (To be precise, this ceremony will be the first phase of a trusted setup, which can be common to any circuit; the second phase has to be circuit-specific.)

We are seeking views from the community about what level of trust they accept.

Please message Koh Wei Jie on Telegram (@weijiek) or email if you have any questions about this survey.

Learn more about the Powers of Tau ceremony here:
Do you understand what a Powers of Tau ceremony is? *
How many participants is ideal for a trustworthy ceremony? By "trust", we mean that you would be willing to risk 10 ETH. (Select all which apply) *
For a ceremony with any number of participants, which would you be inclined to trust? By "trust", we mean that you would be willing to risk 10 ETH. (Select all choices that you think are required in order for you to trust the ceremony)
Do you prefer to have multiple (independent) implementations of the software used to generate the parameters?
If you would not trust a Powers of Tau ceremony at all, please explain why:
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Have you participated in a trusted setup ceremony before? *
If you were to participate in a trusted setup ceremony, which of the following network and processing requirements do you consider acceptable? *
Do you plan to use an Ethereum mixer or rollup sidechain based on a trusted setup?
If you would like to participate in the ceremony, please provide your email address. If you would like to stay anonymous, you can contact us directly (see the form header).
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