reGeneration Podcast Questionnaire
Hey there, Generation Mindful Member!

Thanks so much for taking the time today to find out a little more about reGeneration - a podcast shining a light on you, our members, that we might inspire others to connect on an emotional level with children, playfully and intentionally.

We appreciate your interest in being a potential guest!

Please take about 10-15 minutes to share your life's story with us. We will email you directly if your story is selected to schedule a 50-60 minute interview.


xo Generation Mindful Team

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Where did you grow up/what was life like for you as a child?
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Were there any challenges that led you to where you are now?
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When did mindfulness and/or positive discipline first become important to you?
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How/when were you introduced to GEN:M? How are you using the tool(s)?
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What one ritual or tool has made the biggest impact?
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Where do you still struggle when it comes to raising children mindfully? What helps you when you are feeling overwhelmed or hopeless?
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Can you share one little moment of mindfulness or connection that has stayed with you, that you've shared with a child?
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Any parting words of inspiration/wisdom for our audience?
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