Awana Club Registration
WHAT? We are excited to announce that we will be beginning a new Awana club at ACCCNW on Friday nights. Awana is an international club that focuses on disciplining children and Scripture memory. It is a club that children all over the world love and enjoy.

WHEN? Awana will meet on the first three Friday nights of each month from 8 to 9:45 pm. We will meet from October to May and will take a break in the summer.

WHO? Awana is for children from kindergarten to fifth grade. The Awana Club of ACCCNW is a club for the children of those attending Friday night fellowship. We are not able to accept drop-offs for those not attending a fellowship.

COST? The registration fee for our club will be $40 per year. This fee includes club uniform, club bag, book, awards, and prizes. (If you child already has a club uniform and bag, you do not need to buy them, your club fee will be $25.) The fee can be paid at the parent informational meeting (date TBD). Children are additionally asked to give 50 cents per week to teach children the discipline of giving to the Lord.

Students - The Awana Club is an important way for children to grow in their faith. We ask that parents show the children the value that they place on their child's spiritual growth by making club attendance a priority.

Parents - In order for our Awana club to run, we must have parent volunteers. All parents who are believers are expected to volunteer for at least 2 months of the year (the first three Fridays of two consecutive months). Two months is the minimum, but we would greatly appreciate anyone who is able to volunteer for a longer term or even for the entire Awana season (8 months).

To help us better plan the club, please register your child by September 15. Thank you.

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Parents who are believers are expected to volunteer for at least 2 months. Parent volunteers will serve the role of small group leaders. Small group leaders will lead 5 - 6 children in discussion and will listen to the children recite the verses that they have memorized. Parents volunteers will be contacted by Awana coworkers according to need.
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In registering my child for Awana, I commit to make my child's attendance at Awana a high priority. My child will not be absent from Awana club without a legitimate excuse. I also declare my own regular attendance in a fellowship group. Please type your full name as a signature in agreement.
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Parental Consent and Medical Release
I hereby grant my permission for the above named child to participate in Awana Program sponsored by the ACCCNW. I understand that every effort will be made to protect and safeguard all children. I agree not to hold ACCCNW liable for any illness or mishap from any cause whatsoever. Also, in the event that my child requires emergency medical attention and I cannot be reached, I hereby grant my permission to the personnel of ACCCNW Awana program to seek emergency medical treatment. In granting this permission, I accept all responsibilities for any costs incurred.
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