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The Mentorship Program is initiated each year at the 4S Annual Meeting. The goal of the program is to exchange ideas with junior scholars and support career development.

A mentoring relationship assumes a minimum of one conversation at the Annual Meeting. We hope that mentoring relationships will also continue with at least two follow-up phone calls, Skype chats or email exchanges during the following 12 months.

We will contact you via email approximately two weeks before the conference. This email will introduce mentors and junior scholars ('mentees'). You can then arrange a time to meet at the conference.

Please direct any questions about the program to Matthew Harsh (mharsh@calpoly.edu), 4S Mentorship Program Coordinator.

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Would you like to participate as a mentor, mentee or both? We encourage anyone who is signing up to be a mentee to consider being both a mentor and mentee. If you are a senior graduate student (3rd year or above), you may still be a useful mentor to a less senior graduate student. Those who volunteer to serve as both a mentor and mentee will receive priority when we match mentors and mentees. Please choose below. *
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