Talking Maths in Public 2019 - Lightning Talks submission form
During the TMiP conference, we'll have an opportunity for anyone who's involved in any kind of maths outreach project to share the details of what they've been doing, show photographs and give information for anyone who wants to find out more. We hope this will be an opportunity to find out what kind of things people are up to, and who people should be talking to about specific forms of outreach.

Projects can be anything from the company you work for and what they do, something you've done yourself in your spare time, a blog, column, website, app, event/festival, book/comic/magazine, artwork or anything else as long as it's helping to communicate maths in some way. Each project will be presented as a 5-minute slot, and we will be strict about timing so please make sure you'll be able to tell us about your project in 5 minutes.

We will have a limited number of spaces available for this session, so if you'd like to share your project please input your details below and we'll select a cross-section of the applications - to get a diverse snapshot of the kinds of things happening. You'll be notified in advance of the event whether you're going to be speaking or not, and if we don't manage to fit you in we should be able to have a table/board where you can put up information/flyers others can look at during the event.

Applications for talks will close at noon on 1st July, and those speaking will be notified within a week of that date.

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