ConfigManagementCamp Gent 2018 CFP
We are looking for speakers on topics that are relevant for all of open source infrastructure as code (Configuration Management, Orchestration, Application Management, Continuous Delivery, Network Devices, Distributed Systems, Containers, etc.).
We also love topics that tackle new (r)evolution in configuration management. Please see for more details.

We are specifically interested in topics such as
- Dynamic key/value and service discovery integrations
- "Classic" Config Management
- Testing, CI/CD workflows for infrastructure code
- Immutable infrastructure
- Orchestration / Scheduling / App Deployment

But also topics such as Configuration Management and :
- Provisioning
- Future Infrastructure
- Sharing secrets
- Scaling - infrastructure, team, complexity, and/or time-to-market
- Datacenter- public cloud, private cloud, physical plant
- Monitoring
- Introduction to $TOOL

Submissions are due by November 5! Before you submit, please make sure that you have time to travel and attend to attend ConfigManagementCamp on February 5 and 6 2018 in Gent, Belgium (the 2 days after FOSDEM).

You should also know that because we are using an open proposals process, all of the information submitted below will be be used to introduce your talk to the attendees via our website

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Are you also attending FOSDEM?
This same group is organizing both the FOSDEM Configuration Management devroom and ConfigManagementCamp on February 6 and 7. We may try to balance submissions between the 2 events.
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