2019 Innovating Justice Challenge Ukraine
This form is exclusively for justice innovations from Ukraine to apply to the 2019 Innovating Justice Challenge.

We are accepting applications from Ukraine outside of the main international Innovating Justice Challenge. What does this mean for Ukrainian innovations?

- We will do a selection, a local acceleration program, and finalists will present their innovations at the 2019 Kyiv Regional Finals in October 2019.
- We will select a winner of this Finals and give them the chance to publicize their victory with a HiiL logo, certificate, and physical award.
- All who pitch at the Finals enter Ukraine's network and get connected to great mentors, startups, and organizations in our international network.
- For some innovations - especially those relevant to the courts - we will facilitate connections with the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine for testing and implementation of the innovation.
- You'll get feedback throughout the process of where your innovation could use more development.

- Despite the fact HiiL has already invested about 130 000 Euro in 12 Ukrainian startups during last three years, we currently cannot predict what amount will be available for startups winners of the Innovating Justice Challenge in Ukraine from HiiL side. We currently have a very limited budget for grants but we are working on it.
- Due to funding constraints, we currently cannot guarantee entrance into the HiiL Justice Accelerator's portfolio and activities in the Hague even for Ukrainian startups who win.

By submitting this form, you agree that you have read and understood the above, and, regardless of any other information from any other sources, you understand that the points above outline what to expect for participants of the Innovating Justice Challenge in Ukraine.

Good luck -- and we can't wait to hear about your innovation.

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