Sib-Link - Sibling Referral Form
Enhancing Sibling Contact
Sib-Link Overview
When a concurrent adoption plan or guardianship is pursued or when parental rights terminate, sibling relationships take center stage. The family treatment plan begins to fray. Parents miss appointments and court-ordered goals. Sibling anxiety, living in different foster placements, ramps up. Cold reality sets in. The constant stress of uncertainty and loss of family takes its toll on each child.

At this point, should child advocates and the siblings feel an additional, routine monthly sibling visit would be of great value, consider a referral for Sib-Link. Our program manager reviews the application and coordinates sibling visits that encourage team building, problem solving, and long-term relationships among sibling sets.

Sib-Link should NOT be used to meet family visit requirements established by family court. The program complements current efforts and is used as the re-unification plan falls apart, when resources stress, and additional measures are needed to restore sibling bonds.

Sib-Link Specifics
• Visit coordination is handled by the Sib-Link program manager, unless agreed to otherwise, for sib-link visits.

• Transport of children will be discussed among the program manager, social service contact, and caregivers.
> Program managers will need help in transport, and will ask for everyone’s support.
> Support is always needed for children living over 75 miles away and for any child under 36 months old. Thank you.

• Visits will be monitored by the program manager and another adult familiar with the children.
> Foster / group home caregiver, social service representative, guardian ad litem/casa, or counselor.

• The program manager will email a 2-4 paragraph visit report to the social services case manager, copying the supervisor, guardian ad litem, foster/group home contacts, and adoption worker, if any, within 3 days after each visit.

• Sib-Link commits to doing all it reasonably can to maintain this additional visit(s) each month.

The Process
1. Any child advocate can fill out form. Social Service foster care worker must be in agreement.
3. Sib-Link manager decides whether to take case, in consultation with Social Service worker and supervisor.
4. Sib-Link manager engages all parties and sets up first visit.
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