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WCAPS is establishing a GenZer Program ("GenZer") to welcome young girls of color from junior high through college into the WCAPS membership. WCAPS is a 501(c)(3) organization founded in 2017 by Ambassador Bonnie Jenkins to advance her vision to increase the voices and the advancement of women of color in international foreign policy, peace, security, and conflict transformation.

WCAPS works to ensure that women of color have a seat at the table on issues of peace and security. This means also working to empower girls from a young age and strengthen the pipeline of these girls and women as they mature. Empowerment means being able to have the strength to overcome issues like stereotypes, various types of abuse, and the resilience to keep up the fight, no matter what. Empowering girls and women of color is needed if women, especially women of color, are to tackle the gender imbalance that exists in many policy-making circles as they progress to being at the table now and later in life.

GenZep will host discussions on topics of peace and security, foreign policy, mentorship, and challenges unique to this time in their lives that benefit the group. As a new program, we are open to your ideas for future engagements.

We invite you to fill out this form to join this new and exciting program! If you are under 18, please also complete section 2.

Thank you!
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The WCAPS Pipeline Program provides an opportunity for junior high school, high school, and college/university students to develop a broad understanding of the different dimensions of peace, security, foreign policy, and national security through engagement with WCAPS members, including graduate students and young adults, mid-career, and senior-level women. If you are interested, please indicate below and we will send you an application.
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