ICF OR Pro Bono Coaching Survey: COACHES
So, you want to donate some coaching hours to Oregon nonprofits? That's AWESOME! Please fill out the form below. If you have questions, please email Kate Dixon at: probono@icforegon.org.
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If you selected "In Person" as a coaching method above, where would you be willing to coach in person? If a client doesn't require in person coaching, we won't match based on location.
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Most of our pro bono coaching engagements are expected to require 10 hours of coaching.
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Don't worry! We will contact you to ensure your availability before matching you with a pro bono client.
Other Services You're Willing to Provide
Please let us know if there are other services you'd like to offer to our nonprofit partners.
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What would you like potential nonprofit coaching clients to know about you? Please write 2-3 sentences we can share with potential clients.
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