Responsible Beverage Server/Seller Pre-Test
This form serves as registration and is a pre-test to assess knowledge before attendance.
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1. Alcohol is a depressant drug that works on the body’s central nervous system. *
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2. Alcoholism is curable with proper medication and support. *
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3. The sale of alcoholic beverages must stop at 1:15 AM. *
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4. The minimum age to sell alcohol when alone in the premise is 18 years old. *
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5. The law states that anyone that is under the age of 27 must be required to show a reliable photographic identification containing that person's date of birth. *
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6. Under the Maine Liquor Liability Act, a licensee may be sued for up to one million dollars for serving a visibly intoxicated person who causes injury to a third person *
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7. It is an administrative violation to sell imitation liquor to a minor. *
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8. When alcohol is consumed it is absorbed by the stomach and metabolized through the bladder. *
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9. An individual will become more intoxicated drinking a shot of liquor than if they drink a 12 oz. bottle of beer, because of the alcohol content. *
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10. Employees of a licensee can be fined up to $1500 for their involvement in any administrative violation. *
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