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Use this form to let me know about your new fiction release. Please submit one form per book title. Upon receipt of the form, I will create a free spotlight post for you at, on or soon after your official release date.

If you are unsure how to answer any question, just do your best and I will contact you if I need more info.
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Your book MUST be listed on Amazon, either for sale or pre-order.
Your post will go live on or soon after the official release date listed on Amazon.
You MUST have a rating at My Book Ratings. This  is free! (No need to pay the extra for them to rate it for you.
You can find step-by-step instructions, WITH IMAGES, here:

I will use the information from your Amazon link and your My Book Ratings link to create your spotlight, so please be sure those are updated.
Sometimes the category links on Amazon are used for marketing purposes, so make sure it's clear in the description or in a comment below what the genre is (ex: historical romance, political thriller, etc.) and the age group of your target reader (ex: Middle Grade, Young Adult, Adult)
Storytellers in Zion spotlights fiction by members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. If you are a baptized  member and  wish to be identified as LDS, then you are eligible. Your word is  good enough for me.

If the book has multiple authors, and ONE of them is LDS, it is eligible, as well,
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Multiple Authors: list authors who are LDS.
The following questions identify that the book itself meets eligibility requirements. I spotlight fiction for middle grade to adult readers. I do not spotlight picture books, short chapter books, memoirs, serialized fiction, individual short stories, or very short novelettes. Click the option to confirm it fits within my requirements.
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This information is used to promote your book correctly on the website and on social media. Your book MUST be currently  listed on for sale or pre-order. I will use the information from Amazon and MyBookRatings to fill in the genre information.

If you need help filling out the MyBookRatings form, you can find step-by-step instructions here:

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This section is used create the About Author box at the bottom of the spotlight post, and also to tag you on your social media posts. If you already have an author bio on my site, type USE PREVIOUS in each of the following fields.

The AUTHOR BIO is a global feature. It cannot be changed for one book without changing it for ALL of your books on the site. Bio  may be edited to fit space.

The AUTHOR PHOTO should be a headshot, and at least 300x300 pixels. Some photos may be cropped to fit.

If you don't have a website or all of the social media accounts listed below, just type in NA.
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If your book has been published before and this is a re-release (as opposed to a cover upgrade), note any changes—additional chapters, expanded story, complete rewrite, etc.
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