Reading Interest Survey
Thank you for answering this survey honestly and thoughtfully. This will help me learn more about you and your interests.
- Mrs. Cruse
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What kinds of books do you like to read?
Check all the types of books you like to read.
What is the last thing you read?
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About how many books did you read and complete last school year?
It's a given that we will read for this class (duh). What can I help happen that will help you read more? Be realistic and positive.
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If you could have anything you want, regardless of money or ability, what would you choose? Why?
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What jobs or career(s) do you think might suit you when you are an adult?
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Tell about your favorite games, sports, or hobbies.
What do you do during your free time?
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What are your favorite magazines, websites, computer programs and apps?
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What kinds of movies, shows, programs or youtube channels do you like to watch? Why?
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