LT Family Survey (June 2019)
End of Year Family Survey
As we seek representation from the entire community, please indicate your racial identity:
What has gone well with your student's experience so far this year?
Your answer
How do you feel about the added movement to a student's day this year? (morning recess, extra physical education class, classroom movement breaks, etc.)
I wish there was less movement time.
I would like to see this model continue to expand.
How would you rate communication with your student's teacher so far this year?
No communication
High level of communication
How would you rate communication with LT administration so far this year?
Limited, not receiving answers
High level of communication and responsiveness
How would you like to see communication improved for next year?
Your answer
How would you rate school cleanliness this year?
Needs support
The building and classrooms look spotless!
How would you rate interactions with the main office staff this year?
Needs support
As a family member, I feel a valued member of the Ludlow-Taylor Community.
As a family member, I am treated with as much respect as other parents at school.
I would be interested in participating in a parent discussion group that focuses around race and equity.
What would you like to see Ludlow-Taylor focus on for staff development next year? (choose two)
Other comments/positive feedback/questions?
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