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Thank you for your desire to serve with us. Please write your candid and well considered answer to
each question, which will be entirely confidential.
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Please list your Pastor for reference (in the case of a move or a large church where you do not connect with your pastor use a spiritual leader that you connect with often, i.e. Youth leader, small group leader, Sunday School Teacher, etc..) Add a name, town, and best way to contact. *
Reference One, a personal, non-related, adult that can give testimony to your Character. Name, relationship, and best way to contact. *
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Have you ever been convicted of any offense other than minor traffic violations? If so click other and provide details of conviction: date, type of conviction, how it was resolved, etc.
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Have you ever been dismissed from rendering service to children or youth for reasons other than the expiration of the normal term of such service? If so click other and name the institution, location, name of director and time. Then give a little detail on the situation.
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Child abuse is as old as the history of mankind. It has many ugly forms and is a problem of severe magnitude and shocking implications. The spiritual atmosphere which Camp Joy attempts to provide may be one of the best deterrents possible. When, however, an instance of child abuse is suspected or reported, our leadership will do everything it can to help those in need as quickly as possible along the best spiritual and professional guidelines. If there is any suspicion of child abuse in any form, it must be reported to the director. I acknowledge my responsibility to be careful and conscientious in reporting any suspicions to the director. *
I have read and fully understand all questions requested in this application. I certify that all answers given by me are true, accurate and complete. I understand that the completion and/or execution of this application does not insure me a position, nor does it obligate me or Camp Joy in any way. I fully understand that the omission and/or misrepresentation of facts requested may be cause for immediate dismissal without prior notice. I authorize Camp Joy to request and obtain information concerning my employment, and contact the personal references listed herein. When pertinent questions arise and it is deemed necessary, I further authorize any law enforcement agency of this state to conduct a criminal history check by name and identifiers to determine the existence of any arrest resulting in conviction and furnish a response to the director. If accepted for service, I agree to abide by all the rules and regulations of Camp Joy. *
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