Pennsylvania Honey Queen Program
Invite the Pennsylvania Honey Queen or Princess to your next honey or beekeeping event!
Request for Appearance in a Honey Promotional Event
As the main promoter for Pennsylvania's beekeeping industry, the Honey Queen is an invaluable asset to our industry. Beekeepers continually receive requests for presentations. With all of our busy schedules, consider passing those invitations to the Honey Queen; she is an employee of the Pennsylvania State Beekeepers Association and it is her responsibility to promote the industry.

Several promotion ideas include beekeeping meetings, fairs, farmers markets and civic groups. Please note though, that the Queen is expected to speak at ALL events she attends. If inviting her to your beekeeping meeting, please have 5-10 minutes set aside for her to give a presentation.

However, the main focus of the Honey Queen program is education. School presentations are invaluable. With the changing times, honey bees and agriculture in general have become a “back burner” issue. Let's work together and bring the importance of our bees back to center stage.

I would encourage all of you to invite the Queen to one event in your area this year. Hosting the Queen is simple and enjoyable. We ask hosts to provide the Queen with food and lodging (if needed). Host families do not need to be beekeepers. If the Queen is staying the night, there must be at least one other adult female in the home. The Queen will be responsible for traveling to your event. As most Queens will travel alone, we also ask that a chaperone accompany her to the event, unless she is attending an event like a fair where she will be working with beekeepers all day.

Below you will find a Honey Queen Request Form. If your organization knows of an event that you would like the Honey Queen to attend, please fill out and return the form. However, if your group would like to host the Queen but needs assistance in scheduling an event, please make note of that on the form. Assistance will be given in scheduling events if requested.

With your help and dedication, we can all ensure the continued education and promotion of Pennsylvania's Beekeeping industry. If you have any questions or need more information, please use the contact information below.

Thank you and we look forward to working with you.

PA Honey Queen Committee


Rachel Bryson
610 Strite Rd.
Chambersburg, PA 17202
(717) 300-0146

Alyssa Fine
2327 Murray Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15217
(412) 266-2112

Linda Hackenberg
1466 Crossroads Dr.
Lewisburg, PA 17837
Jan-Apr (352) 583-2796
Apr-Jan (570) 5698-2337
Cell: (570) 850-1976

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