Pratt Institute as a Sanctuary Campus
Dear President Schutte and Provost Pillow,

As the home to students, faculty, and staff from around the world, and a global leader in the education of artists, designers and architects, Pratt has the responsibility to take a stand against bigotry, xenophobia, and hate in any form. We, the undersigned members of the Pratt community, urgently call upon you to take immediate steps to make Pratt Institute into a sanctuary campus for all students, faculty, staff, and their families who may face deportation, intimidation, or threat under President-elect Trump’s proposed policies.

Affected by a sharp national sense of divisiveness, many in our community are worried and unsettled, both by national events and by the echoes on campuses across the country. We call upon Pratt to articulate and implement a stronger statement of zero tolerance for hate crimes and the willingness to investigate and report threats of any kind.

It is imperative that Pratt take immediate concrete steps to protect and safeguard our current community and take action to advocate for an open welcome to scholars from across the globe; to continue and strengthen the intentional pursuit of a diverse and inclusive domestic and international body of students, faculty and staff. Trump has vowed to revoke President Obama’s executive actions, particularly those concerning immigration reform, such as Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), which grants reprieve from deportation and authorizes undocumented young people to lawfully work. Trump has also proposed to create a dedicated task force that will focus on detaining and deporting undocumented residents. Many students and their family members now live in fear of a Trump Presidency’s immediate consequences. We urge the administration to immediately develop a protocol for protecting all members of the Pratt community. In addition, it is imperative that Pratt fight to maintain access to professional development of our graduates by pushing against limiting OPT and H1B visa status.

The following are some key principles to making Pratt a safe environment for students, faculty and staff. We implore Pratt’s administration to do what is within their power to:

1) Prevent Campus Security and any administrators from collaborating with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), who may inquire into the immigration status of Pratt students;
2) Take immediate steps to safeguard student and worker privacy;
3) Create opportunities for the continuation of degree programs via online programs for students in the event that they are deported or intimidated by federal immigration forces;
4) Offer financial assistance to undocumented students to apply for various forms of relief or for immigration application fees, if the need arises;
5) Provide a Pratt website with a dedicated resources page for all international students and workers and with particular resources for undocumented students and
6) Provide resources toward legal aid and guidance including a trained staff liaison networking with counterparts at various universities to support any threatened members of our community;
7) Address these concerns immediately in a public statement, as well as ensure that all immigrant students are provided with institutional support towards continuing school in 2017 and in the future.

We note with pride that New York City is already a sanctuary city and that it is also the leading port for immigrants in the United States. We call upon you to join the movement nationwide and create Pratt as a sanctuary campus to safeguard our community.

Now is the time to prepare. If we do nothing when Trump becomes President, then any stated commitments to diversity, justice, and inclusion Pratt has made will prove themselves an empty ruse. This is not a moment when we can afford silence.

We await your reply.


Concerned Faculty, Students, Staff & Alumni

Nancy Seidler, IEP
Jennifer M. Pipitone, Social Science and Cultural Studies
Carl Zimring, Social Science and Cultural Studies
Rachid Eladlouni
Caitlin Cahill, Social Science & Cultural Studies
Natalie Moore, Foundation
Cynthia Tobar, Information Science
Nada Gordon
Jazmin Peralta, Center for Equity & Inlcusion
Liz Knauer, Social Science and Cultural Studies
Svetlana Jovic, Social Science and Cultural Studies
Ron Shiffman, Program for Sustainable Planning & Development
Ann Holder, Social Science & Cultural Studies
Adriana Green, MFA in Writing & Board Member
Geoffrey Olsen, MFA in Writing
Ms. Elliott Maltby, GUAD
Christian Hawkey
Sade Murphy, MFA in Writing
Evan Neely, History of Art and Design
Todd Shalom, MFA in Writing
SAM Tomasello, IEP
Ann Messner, Graduate Fine Art, School of Art
Barbara J. Anello-Adnani, IEP
Lisa Bateman, Fine Arts
Kelly Driscoll Fine Arts
Jim Costanzo, Photo & Fine Art
Ayse Yonder, Graduate Center for Planning and the Environment
Alyza Enriquez, Architecture
Natalie Riquelmy, MFA in Writing
Susan Fedynak, Writing MFA
Lyric Evans Hunter
Luke Degnan, Office of Communications and Marketing
Heather Lewis Art and Design Education
Maria Baker, MFA Writing
Terri Bennett, Humanities and Media Studies
Nancy Elsamanoudi, Alumni Fine Arts
Dianne Bellino, Dean's Office, School of Art
Elena Conte, Pratt Center for Community Development
Daniel Wright, Mathematics and Science
John Shapiro, Graduate Center for Planning & the Environment
Joseph Poon, MFA, Integrated Practices
Rebekah Morris, Pratt Center for Community Development
Deborah Bright, Fine Arts
Doreen Danielson, Barch
Gayle Rodda Kurtz, History of Art and Design
Kisha Henry, Human Resources
Eve Baron
Simon Mugo, Pratt Center
Sandra Usherov, Fashion
Charles Eppley, History of Art & Design
Meredith TenHoor, Architecture
Renae Widdison, City and Regional Planning
Stephen Hilger
Karen Bachmann , -Fine Art, History of Art & Design
Darini Nicholas, Social Sciences & Cultural Studies
Sarah Wilkins, History of Art and Design
Elena Rossi-Snook, Film History, History of Art & Design
Maura Conley, IEP and HMS
Jessie Braden, SAVI
Chris Sula, School of Information
Joyce Polistena, History of Art
Saundra Hampton, International Affairs
Todd Ayoung, Foundation
Kristen Chin, Pratt Center for Community Development
Christopher Arabadjis, TheLibraries
Sydney Céspedes, Pratt Center
Meredith Wisner, Alumni, History of Art and Design and School of Information
Jaime Stein, Graduate Center for Planning & the Environment
Sydney Céspedes, Pratt Center
Meredith Wisner, Alumni, History of Art and Design and School of Information
Aileen Wilson
Jennifer Miller, Humanities and Media Studies
Dean Dalfonzo, AOS Fine Art
Luka Lucic, Department of Social Science and Cultural Studies
Holly Wilson, Libraries
Louisa Johnson
Rachel Levitsky, Humanities and Media Studies
Morgan Sabuda
Frima Fox Hofrichter, History of Art and Design
Christopher Vitale, Assoc. Prof, Grad Program in Media Studies, HMS
Elizabeth St. George, History of Art and Design
Suzanne Verderber, Humanities and Media Studies
Emilie Buse, International Affairs
Sofia Zabala, Communication Design
Rebecca Pryor, City and Regional Planning
Mary Mattingly, Fine Arts
Gillian Kaye, Graduate Center for Planning and the Environment
Kristen Wilke, GCPE
Emily Marcus, Communication Design
Diana Gisolfi, History of Art and Design
Elizabeth Blair, MFA Fine Arts, Alumna
Jean Shin, Fine Arts
Brynna Tucker, Alumni, '02
Sue Karnet, History of Art and Design
Sheila Lam, Fine Arts
Marko Icev, architecture alumnus
H Morrison
Aitana Cantu, ComD
Cory Sellers, MFA Painting, Alumna
Helen Galioto, Photography
Kim Sloane
Mariella Bisson, 1978 BFA Drawing
Joseph Kopta, History of Art and Design
Leah Yerpe, Alumni, MFA Fine Arts
Nelson Plaza MFA Fine Arts, Alumni
Jason Wallace, Communication Design
Mariana Mogilevich, PSPD
Cameron Kimball, Communications Design
Kelly Ramirez, Interior Design
Miles Austin, BFA Printmaking
Mary D Edwards, History of Art and Design
Michael O'Rourke, Dept. of Digital Arts
Sieanna Williams, Film/Video
Robert Ausch Department of Social Science and Cultural Studies
Maria Luisa Canedo Gomez Ortigoza, Fine Art Jewelry
Erica Johnson, COMD
Paris Scott, BFA Fashion Design
Howard Albert, UA, CM, REP
Courtney Dreher, DDA
Meredith Fitzgerald, MFA New Forms 2011
Kristina Dzhaparidze, Communications Design
Abbi Newfeld, Photography
Peyton Beard, Communications Design
Astrid Terrazas, Illustration
Greg Nachmanovitch, fine arts
Yasmine Vargas alumni BFA photography
Emily Lindskoog, MFA Painting
Haresh Lalvani, Architecture
Krysta Parisi, ComD
Jos. A. Smith, Fine Arts, alumnus
Jane Huntington, MFA Fine Arts 2012
Aura Rosenberg Photo Department
Mona Brody, Fine Arts
Alice Zinnes, Foundation
Cordelia Trupin, fine arts/photography BFA
Zoe Elefterin, Photography
Lisa Crafts, Film Video
Sara Truscott, Film/Video
Rebekah Cione, Critical and Visual Studies
Alex Berns, Sculpture
Alice Torres, ceramics
Jeffrey Surovell Department of Social Science and Cultural Studies
Hua Chen, Communications Design
Isabelle Baldwin, Photography
Rosemary Waring, Industrial Design
Jacki Ochs, Film Video
Haley Kattner Allen, MFA, aluma
Rachael Gardner, Painting & Arts and Cultural Management
Cory Sellers, MFA Painting 2011
Kate Ünver, Communications Office '08-'13
Jeffrey Hogrefe, Architecture, Humanities and Media Studies
Sumin Seo BID Industrial Design
Paul Haacke, Humanities and Media Studies
Richard Leigh, Math and Science
Becca D'Alessandro photography
Kevin Chuang, Industrial Design
Kathleen Mooney, BFA, media arts
Alicia Boone, Arts and Cultural Management
Rebeccah Pailes-Friedman, Departments of industrial Design and Fashion
Liz Mydlowski, Industrial Design
Johanna Hamm, MPS art therapy, MFA sculpture
Uzma Z. Rizvi, Social Science and Cultural Studies
Macarena Gómez-Barris, Social Sciences and Cultural Studies
Rebecca Winkel, Department of Social Science and Cultural Studies
Jonathan Berk
Rebecca belton ( Sheerer) barch
Adam Friedan, Pratt Center for Community Development
Flora Thevoux-Chabuel, Communications Design
David Smucker, SSCS, HAD
MaryLaura Barkley-Mau, MPS 2011 Arts and Cultural Management
Olivia Lagace, Communications Design
Andrea Porretta, Communications Design
Claudia Herbst-Tait, DDA
Matthew Pisacano MFA New Forms
Ian Stiles-Mikl, BFA 2012
Henry Smith-Miller, Architecture
Josiah Brownell, Social Science & Cultural Studies
Vicki Weiner, Pratt Center for Community Development
Maya Seetharaman, Industrial Design
Susan Luss
Benjamin Prather Film/Video
Mahogany L. Browne BLM Pratt
Laura Scarano, Art History '11
Jeanne Wilkinson, Graduate Fine Arts
JF Lynch, MFA Painting and Drawing 2011
Felix Aarts MFA Alumni
P.J. Gorre, Social Sciences and Cultural Studies
Noah A. Modie, M. Arch
Remi Nichols, Fine Arts
Mallory Smith, Printmaking
Jean Brennan, Graduate Communications Design
Elina Ansary, Painting '13
LIsabeth During, Social Science and Cultural Studies
Annie Khan, Social Science & Cultural Studies
Fiona Conlon
Daniela Fabricius, Architecture
Gregory Stanger, Graphic Design
Ellen Alexander Conley English Dept.
Ellery Washington, HMS Writing Program
Perry Bard Film/Video Department
Jonathan Beller, HMS
Eleonora Del Federico, Math and Science
Janani Devaranjan, B.Arch
Kathleen Kelley, Social Science and Cultural Studies
Minh-Ha T. Pham, Graduate Program in Media Studies
Delilah Twersky, Undergraduate Photography
Celine Lee, Industrial Design
Emily Abel
Yasmeen Abdallah, MFA Alumna
Bethaney Hawrysio, Alumni
Eliza Rinn, BFA Photography
Sacha Frey, Humanities and Media Studies
Jennifer W. Leung, HMS
Tom Buechele, Social Science and Cultural Studies
Grant Newton, COMD '07
Emma Afrookteh, Architecture
Christianne Manzano
John Walsh, BFA Painting 2007
Alexandria Eckler, BFA Fashion Design
Ramon Tejada, Graduate Communication Design
Gia Querci, BA Critical and Visual Studies
Nicola Householder, Graphic Design
Anthony Buccellato, Undegraduate Architecture
Mira Brunner, Sculpture
Claire Donato, HMS
Farzam Yazdanseta, Architecture
Scott Shushan, Social Science and Cultural Studies
Lesley Peterson, MFA alumna
Abigail Ellman, City and Regional Planning
Mercedes Narciso, Graduate Center for Planning and the Environment
Melissa Buzzeo
Jill Baker, MFA Painting, 1981
Camila freixo, Graphic Design
Gabrielle Gilbert, writing BFA
Jaret Vadera, Social Science and Cultural Studies and Art and Design Education
John Frangos, SS&CS
Cristina Pattuelli, School of Information
Frank Lupo, Architecture
Emily Beall, Humanities and Media Studies
Olga El, BFA Writing
Michele Gorman, UG Architecture
Erum Naqvi, Social Science and Cultural Studies
Jared Hudson, MFA Writing & Activism
Duks Koschitz, UG Architecture
Meghan Rutzebeck, art education
James Emmett, BFA Communications Design
Mendi Obadike, Humanities and Media Studies, Writing
jeremy wood, fashion design
Jackson Fleagle, Communication Design
Alison Dyer, BFA Communications Design
Allison Martell, BFA Fashion Design
John Monti, Graduate Fine Arts
Julie Pochron Photography
Michelle Standley, Social Science and Cultural Studies
Alice Walkiewicz, History of Art and Design
JR Zuckerberg, BFA Communication Design
Zhivka Valiavicharska, Social Science and Cultural Studies
Evan Gregory, BFA Writing for Performance, Publishing, and Media
kumru toktamis SSCS
Elizabeth Gee, BFA Fashion Design
Cheryl Gross UG Communications Design
helen warren, BFA printmaking
Jim Finn, Film/Video
Grey Wartinger, UG Architecture
Oskar Peacock, MFA in Writing
Beth Warshafsky, Foundation
Jon Pauley, IEP
Emma Pokorny, BFA Communication Design
Beth Bingham, Graduate Center for Planning & the Environment
Alexa telano, BFA photography, 2016
Ivanesa Luna - BFA Photography
Ralitsa Todorova, Social Science and Cultural Studies
Miranda Dahl, BFA Printmaking
Tasnim Abdelkarim, UG Architecture
Christopher X Jon Jensen, Math & Science
Christa Carr, Digital Arts
Eva Sotomayor, MA in Media Studies
Calyn Pickens Rich™, History of Art and Design
Lori Quijano, UG Communications Design
Mimi Pfahler, Film
Joey Davids, Film/Video
Reanna Tong, Graduate Center for Planning & the Environment, 2016
Morgan Thorne, BFA Communications Design
Tené DeVeaux, BFA Writing
Erik Goldberg
Patrick Waldo, Historic Preservation
Corey Arena, UG Architecture
Maureen Connor, MFA alumna
Arie Salomon, UG Architecture
Ceren Arslan, B.Arch 18'
Felisa Adderley, Printmaking
Pamela Iriarte, B-ARCH
Kelley Haughey Architecture
Kit Messick
Jonathan Marable, MS City and Regional Planning
Bharati kodnani , Pratt School of Architecture
Samudyatha Mysore Subbarama, GCPE, PSPD
Lopita Das, Architecture
Blake Carrington, Dept. of Digital Arts
micki spiller- foundations
Paul Schlotthauer, Libraries
Paula Crespo, Pratt Center for Community Development
Reese Campbell, UG Architecture
Diane Cohen, Humanities and Media Studies, IEP
Xylena Desquitado, B-ARCH
Che-Wei Wang, Architecture
Erica Quinn, MFA 2013
Kara Hearn, Film/Video
Colby Sim
Maria Damon, Humanities and Media Studies
Luis Garcia, Graduate Center for Planning & the Environment
Nadine Shuler, Student Affairs
Raphael Schnee, Writing
Laura Elrick, Humanities and Media Studies
Jonathan Ovshayev, B-ARCH
Donna Gorsline, deans office, SoD
Case Wyse, SAVI
Aurora M Robinson, HEOP
Katrin Zimmermann Fine Arts (Jewelry)
Adia Ware, Graduate Center for Planning and the Envrionment (GCPE)
Karen Cover, CCPD
Gedney Barclay
Kat Donnelly, B.Arch
Eliza Butler, HAD
Sarita Rupan, SES
Steven Doloff, HMS
Adriana Beltrani, PSPD City and Regional Planning
Anthony Cocciolo, School of Information
Dina Weiss, Fine Arts
Sam Bryan
Katherine Savarese, CRP Graduate Student and RLH Staff
Erin Murphy, GAUD / MSLIS '11
Carlie Anglemire, SS & CS
Shantez M. Tolbut, MFA Performance and Performance Studies
Rhonda Schaller, Director, Center for Career & Professional Development
Kawai Wong, Intensive English Program
Anna Shteynshleyger
Christian Mason, UG Architecture
Aura Rosenberg
Francis Bradley, SSCS
Robert Kozma, Fine Art/Photography
Ernst Fischer, Photography
Jenny Lynn McNutt, Foundation and Art Design
Karl Nussbaum , Film
Julia Kunin, Fine Arts
Ellen Wallenstein, Photography
Siena Sanderson
Alyssa Fanning, BFA Fine Arts, 2008
Robert Lee Brackett /|\, UG Architecture
Jeremy Tausch, Mathematics and Science
Joyce Kozloff, artist
Lauren Gilleland, COMD
Tyler Coburn, Photography
Charles Rubenstein, School of Information/Math & Science 1993
David Frisco, Grad and UG Communications Design
Sarah van Ouwerkerk Photography
Cindie Kehlet, Math and Science
Jeanne Pfordresher, Industrial Design
Emily Ahn Levy, Urban Placemaking & Management
Ethan Kell, Photography
Krystal Languell, Humanities & Media Studies
Kelly Reidy, Math and Science
Ellie Musgrave, BFA photography
Sarah Palmer, Photography
Sasha Sumner, Film/Video
John Alberico, Film/Video
Mine Paksoy, Photography
Laura Enav-Farhi
Rodrigo Andres Guajardo, Pratt Architecture Production Facilities
Eric Godoy, Assistant Chairperson Social Science & Cultural Studies
Kelly Horrigan, Fashion
Anthony L Williams, COMD
Etta Sandry, Fashion Department
Emily Mader, Fashion
David Krause, Fashion Design
Fisayo Quadri, Fashion
Jaclyn Varga, FASD '17
Nina Zilka, Managing Assistant, BFDA
Tara St James, Pratt | BF+DA Production Coordinator
Kelly Moffat, BFDA Fellow
Deanna Ansara, BF+DA Venture Fellow
Freya Tamayo, Fashion Design
Gina Gregorio, Fashion
Laura Landau, City and Regional Planning
Alina Tenser, Fashion
Faye Lessler, Brooklyn Fashion + Design Accelerator
Matthew Hysell Film/Video
Raquel Sanchis, Architecture
Ansley Whipple, BF+DA
Daphne Shih, BF+DA
Sara Teator, Fashion Design
Haley Switlekowski, fashion design
Anna Rose Lowenthal, Fashion Design
Fashion Design
Stephen Smolko II, UG Architecture
Julie Verni, Architecture
Devon Beaver, Fashion Design
Noor Zakka venture fellow at BF+DA
Randy Donowitz Writing Center
Ryan Helfant, Photography
Gabriela Galván, School of Design, Fashion
Mary Mc Bride DM/ACM
Amy DuFault, Brooklyn Fashion+Design Accelerator
Marsha Morton, History of Art and Design
Sadra Shahab, Pratt Center, PSPD
Kat Hunter, Fashion Design
Maria de Los Angeles Cornejo, Associates Department
Olivia Winkelman, Fashion Design
Ofer Wolberger, Photography
Lucia Dillman, Painting
Walter J. Sueldo, UG Architecture
Ksenia Kulichik, Architecture
Evan Burek, Illustration
Victoria Pachiano, fashion and sustainability studies
Kory Forde, Architecture 2016
Jen Telesca, Social Science and Cultural Studies
Cindie Kehlet, Math and Science
Rebecca Welz Industrial Design
Veronica Levy, Fine Arts
Jillian Nishi, Architecture
Rachel Davis, BFA Fashion Design
Nzinga Knight, Fashion Department
Wilfrido D. Adames, Architecture
Wade Blackmon, BF+DA
Deborah Alden, BF+DA
Ben Gibberd, Assistant Visiting Professor
Adin Rimland, B Arch
NyeshaLee Barrow
Charlotte Parsons, UG Architecture
Adam DeMura, Architecture
Charlotte Parsons, UG Architecture
Adam DeMura Architecture
Sergey Pigach, Architecture
Samantha Calabrese, BArch
Stephen Calabrese, Manager of Design and Production BID 1986
Kaanur Papo, B Arch
EL Teodoro, Alumni, B. Arch
Rachel Simons Creative Writing MFA
Sarah Slavick MFA Painting
Emmanuelle Chiche, BFDA resident
Kathleen Holland, Fashion '16
Idalia Kaplan, Fashion Design
Alicem Bozdag, UG Architecture
Jamie Funk, BFA Fashion Design
David Franck, Architecture
Hailey Silliman; Fashion
Enrique Garcia, Digital Arts
Christopher Nelson, Architecture
Ed DeCarbo, History of Art and Design
Deanna Parlagreco, Fashion Design
Ronald Van Cleef, Social Science & Cultural Studies
Tierney Sadowski, BArch
Joseph Mendoza, Architecture
Emily Hertzberg, Architecture
Pam Chaiyachakorn, Interior Design
Ashley Hyun, Art & Design Education
Laura Longhitano, Architecture
Eliza Schrader, HMS
Genevieve Nieson, Foundation
Kathryn Cullen-DuPont, Humanities & Media Studies
Hannes Charen, Social Science and Culural Studies
Tracy Danes, Creative Writing BFA
Lauren White-Jackson, Writing BFA
Enbe Lee, Art Direction
Laura L Delman, Laura Delman LLC
Laura Diamond Dixit, Architecture
Carla Gannis, Digital Arts
Trevor Wheeler, Writing
Samantha Hunt, Writing
TJacob Hooker, BF+DA Junior Venture Fellow
Shelby Cook, Writing
Eric St. James-Looez, Photography & Creative Writing
Sarah Hamerman, MSLIS/MS Art History
Nate Ingham, Writing
Natalie Moore, School of Information
Brooke Bormann, School of Information
Alexandra DiFiglia, School of Information, Library and Information Science
Alison Cole, MSLIS
Clair Rock Museum & Digital Culture
Polly Cancro, Pratt School of Information & History of Art and Design Department
Katie Blumenkrantz, Library Science
Garrett Sumner, SILS Alumnus
Alana Mohamed, Writing '14, LIS '16
Allison Nellis - School of Information
Sara Magin, MS History of Art and Design
Megan Westman, School of Information MSLIS
Elizabeth Willse, MSLIS
Elizabeth Berg, Libraries
Sara Magin, MS History of Art and Design
Nanyamkah Mars, School of Information
Stephanie Neel, MSLIS
Shirra Rockwood, SI
Joshua Peach, Alumni - School of Information
Chantal Sulkow, MSLIS
Bridget Russell, History of Art and Design
Mary Hughes, MSLIS
Nora Tainton, SILS
Dani Frank, School of information
Adrian Shirk, BFA Writing
Johanna Goldberg, MSLIS
Allison Chomet, MSLIS
Erin Barsan, School of Information
Kat Fanning, School of Information
Lucy Ives, Humanities and Media Studies
Charlie Macquarie, School of Information (Alumni)
Tracy Dockray MLIS
Samantha Levin, School of Information
Kelsey Chung, MS History of Art and Design
J.E. Molly Seegers, History of Art and Design & School of Information
Courtney Lynch, School of Information
Mariaelena Garcia, School of Information
Laurin Paradise, MLIS
Annalise Ream, MLIS
Anne Boissonnault, School of Information/History of Art and Design
Jessica Hochman, School of Information
Emily Ordway, MSLIS
Sarah Hatoum, School of Information
Victoria Sciancalepore, School of Information
Erika Spelman, MSLIS
William Dean, MSLIS
Veronica Garcia Rodriguez, SILS Alumni
Samantha Harvey, Center for Career and Professional Development
Jennifer Ferretti, School of Information '14
Amanda Belantara, School of Information
Richard Goldstein, School of Information
Karen Cover, CCPD
Rachel Egan, School of Information
Anthony Volpe, Musuems & Digital Culture (MS)
E. Tracy Grinnell, HMS, MFA in Writing
Phoebe Glick, MFA in Writing
Clare Spitzer, School of Information
Kelly Puertas Pratt | BF+DA
Tim Hao Li, Architecture
Zinia Rahman SILS '15
Andy Todd, Photography
Michelle Betters, Writing '14
Debbie Rbina, School of Information
Stephon Lawrence, MFA in Writing
Diana Bowers-Smith, School of Information/History of Art and Design alum
Chaya Babu, MFA, writing
Beatriz Gutierrez Hernandez, BFA Communication Design
Samantha Borek, BFA, Writing
James Gentile, Photo '13
Mary Ellen Curley
Abby Buckingham, School of Information
Liam Cloud Hogan, BFA, Writing
Donnay Edmund
Genevieve Leonard - Adjunct Instructor DDA
Alex Noyes Film/Video
Ann Schoenfeld, History of Art & Design
Kate Gavino, BFA Writing
Patricia Voltolini, School of Architecture, City and Regional Planning
Jennifer Logun, Foundation and Int Design Depts
Benjamin Korman, BFA Writing '11
Julian Guthrie--Visiting Asst. Professor, Fashion Design
Léopold Lambert, Architecture 2011
Yael Malka, alumni
John Jungdong Kim, ComD
Julian Guthrie--Visiting Asst. Professor, Fashion Design
Gaia Scagnetti, Graduate Communications Design
Andrea DeFelice, Digital Arts
Debbie Rabina, School of Information
Alexa Trembly, Creative Writing
Robert Snyderman, BFA '09
Daniel Ayat, Humanities and Media Studies
Marcella Tam, School of Information
Benjamin Corbett, Writing 2016
Sandra Stephens, Foundation, Social Science & Cultural Studies and PrattMWP
Agnes Mocsy, Math and Science
Anna Gruman, Fine Arts
Ira Livingston, Humanities and Media Studies
Elise Kaufman, Foundation (+ Alum, 1985)
Gabrielle Brainard, Architecture
Maxim Diamond, Industrial Design '10
Jason Vigneri-Beane, Architecture
Sara Jones, AAS/AOS
Liz Seibert Turow, Graduate Communication Design
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