Gathering Survey - June 2020
As we are preparing to determine a timeline for in-person gatherings, we value your input as a vital part of our church family.


Please fill out this survey understanding that initially any in-person gatherings we hold will be simultaneous with online services and in compliance with the NH Stay at Home 2.0 guidelines including:
-reduced capacity
-no Grace Kids programming
-social distancing standards
-protective policies including education, hand hygiene, and protective face coverings
-no gathering before or after the service
Please choose which best describes you:
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When we resume in-person gatherings, when would you feel comfortable attending?
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Which of the following concerns will impact your decision to attend an in-person gathering?
Including yourself, how many in your household would attend an in-person gathering on Sundays?
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How willing are you to occasionally watch the service from home to provide space for guests and other families to attend?
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For the safety and consideration of all, we will require church attendees to wear a protective face covering when attending in-person gatherings. If so, how would you feel about attending?
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When we resume in-person gatherings we will need an active team of volunteers to assist with all aspects of providing a safe and welcoming environment. Would you be willing to volunteer?
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Would you attend an in-person gathering if it was held outdoors?
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Why are in-person gatherings important to you?
Please share any additional thoughts or concerns that you have about attending an in-person gathering.
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