Lesbian & LGBT Retreats with OUTstanding Lives: Your Opinion?
IF YOU ARE LGBT AND YOU TRAVEL MORE THAN ONCE PER YEAR on vacation, then I'd appreciate your opinion to help plan lesbian & LGBT retreats in warm places.  Enjoy connecting with other like-hearted people.

P.S. Yes, I'm LESBIAN... - Sharon Love, M.Ed., founder, OUTstandingLives.org

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Would you like more info and invitations to the OUTstandingLives.org retreats once they are planned?  If so, please include your ***best email*** ...
This survey is for lesbians & LGBT people who usually traveled at least once per year before Covid.  How many times have you been on a plane in the past 5 years?
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Why would you like to participate in OUTstanding Lives lesbian & LGBT retreats and/or online summits (please check ALL that apply)?
Which names do you like for the retreats (please check 1-2 favourites)?
Which theme(s) would you like best for the OUTstanding Lives retreats?
Where would you be willing & able to go on an OUTstanding Lives retreat (please check all that apply)?
Which activities would you like to enjoy on the OUTstanding Lives retreats (please check all that apply)?
When would you be willing & able to go on retreat (please check all that apply)?
Who would you like to participate in the OUTstanding Lives retreats?
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Thanks!  -Sharon Love, M.Ed., founder, OUTstandingLives.org . If you'd be willing to discuss this with me please include your phone number below...
Can I talk with you about your opinions on retreats we plan? If so, please include your phone number...
Thanks again!  When are the best times to call you?
Do you ever feel...
OUTstandingLives.org vision is with you, inspiring & empowering 1,000,000,000 people to thrive, change lives, and create a kinder world for all.  How do you like that?
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How can OUTstanding Lives retreats help you to live YOUR dreams? Would you like to... (please check all that apply)...
Which elements of the program could help you live your dreams & inspire your world?  Please check ALL that apply...
Thanks for your input.  How did you hear about OUTstandingLives.org?
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