Gabba Ward - Local Survey 2018
We’re conducting a survey of anyone and everyone who cares about the future of the Gabba Ward, which includes the suburbs of West End, Highgate Hill, South Brisbane, Woolloongabba, Dutton Park, Kangaroo Point and East Brisbane. We’re particularly interested in the views of current residents, but we’re also keen to hear from people who spend a lot of time in the area for work and/or leisure.

We expect this survey will take roughly 15 minutes to fill out, but if you only have a couple of minutes you can skip all the questions you're not interested in. All questions are optional, but please remember to hit SUBMIT in the last section for your responses to be recorded.

While this survey is primarily used to guide and justify my decisions as your local councillor, I also hope it will prove informative, and encourage participants to think more deeply about the various challenges we have to grapple with.

It’s really valuable for me to know what my residents are concerned about, and my staff and I will take the time to personally read through every comment and suggestion.

This is an anonymous survey. Although we collect some demographic data, it can’t and won’t be used to identify individuals. We are collecting information about what street you live on so we can identify localised issues that need addressing in specific neighbourhoods. We are collecting data about age and employment status so we can compare our results to census data to understand how representative this survey is of the broader community, and identify groups/demographics that have been excluded by this process and that we need to reach out to in other ways.
As stated above, you can skip/leave blank any question that you don't feel comfortable answering.

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