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Lin Lim, Ph.D., had a colorful educational journey, with primary and secondary schooling in Singapore followed by a Bachelors in Economics with a Minor in Environmental Studies at Boston College. She then completed a doctoral program in Psychology at Boston University, with an interest in attitudes and beliefs. She completed a graduate academic certificate in Twice Exceptional Education through Bridges Graduate School of Cognitive Diversity in Education and  a graduate academic certificate in Mind, Brain and Teaching through Johns Hopkins Graduate School of Education. She is currently attached with Bridges Graduate School of Cognitive Diversity in Education as an Associate Dean for Media and Public Relations.

She has been very involved in her local non-profit and education-related groups in Texas. Currently, Lin is a founding member of a Texas parents grassroots non-profit, Gifted Education Family Network (GEFN, which shares information, resources and focuses on equity in education to gifted families, including 2e, PG, and special populations. She also serves on the Certificate Program Advisory Committee at Bridges Graduate School of Cognitive Diversity in Education. Lin has two children, one gifted and radically accelerated, and the other, who is twice exceptional. Lin advocates for a neuroscience-informed, strength-based educational, and parenting approach.  

I am interested in educational equity in public school for 2e students in general and am really Interested to collect qualitative narratives from PG+ASD families. The percentage of students that should qualify for both gifted and SpED services in public education and are actually serviced are way below incident levels.

I would love to collect and analyze qualitative unstructured educational stories of PG + ASD families that are currently/previously in public schools.  If your child/children have ever been in public school, even briefly, I will be interested to hear your story from multi-family members’ perspective.

This will be for an original content article, future publication submission/s in scholarly journals, or other forms of online or print production.

see below for a post-interview confidentiality form


PUBLIC schooling: must have at least tried public schooling before other forms of schooling.

PG definition: one of more subscale in IQ assessment that needed extended norms, hit ceiling or over 145, or FUll scale/GAI or other composite scores over 145.

ASD- Formal diagnosis OR If there is no formal diagnosis yet but strongly suspected – will be interested to hear your current journey also. Just note no formal diagnosis during the interview.


Parents/primary caretaker/s of PG+ASD children, Sibling/s of target subject and PG+ASD children (minimum 13 years old). If your child would like to share their perspective and experience but are close to 13 years old, please reach out.

Thank you,
Lin Lim, Ph.D.

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