Petition to Add a Requirement for 3 Category 1 CEUs in Anti-racism for Bi-annual Licensure Renewal
We believe that it is important that members of our profession be a part of the solution when it comes to issues of social injustice. Given the importance of the issue and the urgency of the times in which we are living, we are petitioning the Board of Social Work Examiners to add a requirement of three Category I CEUs in anti-racism work for bi-annual licensure renewal.

Recognizing the importance of anti-racism work, NASW has issued several statements in response to the current crisis in many cities across the country. The work of ending racism against people of color on a national level begins with each of us doing our part on a local level. This begins with educating ourselves beyond cultural competence. Practicing in a culturally competent way is an important standard of our profession; however, committing to understand the culture of another is not the same as committing to fight for social justice specifically by challenging individual and structural racism.

We therefore look forward to the Board of Social Work Examiner’s addition of 3 Category 1 CEUs in Anti-Racism to the requirements for bi-annual licensure renewal.
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