MEEHU 2 Volunteer Application Form
MEEHU need Volunteers. You are the people who make MEEHU work. We need a few people to make big commitments of 6 or 12 hours during the convention. Those people get big rewards like free admission and free hotel space. Not everyone who applies to the 6 or 12 hour slots will be accepted. Throughout the conventions we will need lots of people to help for shorter times, typically in one hour blocks. Those people will be rewarded with our undying gratitude and probably a few fun surprises. We will be interviewing people for the longer time slots to make sure they are qualified and understand their commitment. We also may interview others for more sensitive positions. For those making a shorter time commitment, just let us know how you want to help so we can place you appropriately. We will try to accommodate special requests as best as we can.
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See our Volunteer Page at to learn what each option entails and what rewards you get.
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Check any and all that apply. NOTE: Dungeon Monitors should be experienced. Gophers are people who go-fer this and go-fer that.
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Tell us what makes you qualified for the volunteer position(s) you want. This is basically your resume and will help us decide where to put you. Sell yourself to us. This is especially important for the 6 and 12 hour volunteers.
Additional Information and Requests
Anything we need to know about assigning you as a volunteer. For example, let us know if you have any physical limitations, specifically want to work with someone, want to volunteer only at certain times, do not want certain assignments, etc.
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