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The Political Theology Network hopes to continue its tradition of connecting underrepresented scholars, including women and racial minorities, with mentors in their field.

If you're interested in serving as a mentor, please fill out the survey below. The Political Theology Network team will then connect you with a graduate student, contingent faculty member, or independent scholar with whom you can connect. Our hope is that you can speak with your mentee via Zoom or Skype twice per semester. If possible, we'd like at least one of your conversations to include a member of your community outside of academia (e.g. clergy, organizer, artist), so the mentee can connect with someone doing important work related to political theology in a non-university setting.

We understand political theology expansively, as a conversation that involves scholars engaging with different religious traditions, from different disciplinary perspectives, interested in connections between religious and political ideas and practices. For more information, please check out the Political Theology Network's "Points of Unity" here: https://politicaltheology.com/political-theology-network-points-of-unity/

Applications are due on October 15th.
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