BC Community Alliance: Call To Action Against Racist Hate Crime at Lord Byng Secondary School
Dear Fellow Community Members,

In response to growing concern over the lack of action taken by the Vancouver School Board (VSB) and the Vancouver Police Department (VPD), following an anti-black racist hate crime committed by a student at Lord Byng Secondary School in November 2018, we've created a letter, on behalf of the community. It is addressed to specific persons we feel have the authority to change a decision made that would allow students to feel unsafe in their school. This form has been created to gather support and draw feedback from other concerned citizens who wish to see this situation handled with the level of concern that is warranted.

After having an opportunity to read the attached Community Letter, please complete the form and five-question survey below. Our hope is that the responses gathered will serve as a testament of support for this Call to Action as we stand up to racism, to keep our youth safe in all schools within BC.

If you know of anyone else who might be interested in supporting this effort, please feel free to share this email with them or have them email us at info@bccommunityalliance.com to obtain further information.

As the new school year is fast approaching, we plan to deliver this letter to the named authorities on the morning of Tuesday August 27, 2019. Please provide either your first and last name or your organizational name, if the organization supports this petition by the evening of Monday August 26, 2019. If you miss the deadline of Monday August 26, 2019, please continue to complete the form and survey, as we intend to continue gathering responses and resend it, if we have a significant amount of signatures to be shown.

We appreciate your support!


BC Community Alliance

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