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Once you have paid the entry fee for the KL Columbus LAN, please fill in this form with as many details as you can.
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Team Twitter is only required if you are participating under an organization.
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This will be used to verify your team and so we can match the details to the correct payment.
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A full Team of 5 is not required until Tuesday 27th August which is the date of the Roster Lock. Please enter all current players even if there is only 1 currently. If you are recruiting a Team, please state so. Always put the Captain at the top.
How many PS4 Consoles would your Team be able to bring to the venue? *
If your Team brings 5 Consoles then your team will get $50 back off the Team Pass. If you can't bring 5 Consoles I'd like to kindly ask that you still try to bring as many as possible. The more consoles we have, the smoother the event can run. Please state how many Consoles are regular and how many are Pro.
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