Many thanks for deciding to complete this health and wellbeing assessment. We call it a BASK, which stands for Behaviour, Attitudes, Skills and Knowledge; these are the four areas of thought we want to address and build on to support your health & wellbeing and bring health & wellbeing to the forefront of your mind.

We have included questions relating to gender and sexuality, wellbeing and mental health, lifestyle support, and sexual health.

Although many of you will be filling this in yourself, BASKs are gateways to further discussion and support and with that in mind we aim to talk through the answers you’ve given to see if we can help further. This is why we ask all participants to give a phone number if possible, or an email address, so do ensure the details you give are correct. They will not be shared and will remain confidential to Spectra.

Your details will be used for internal monitoring purposes only. These details will not be used, except in anonymous format, outside Spectra CIC.

Please choose the answer which applies to you over the last 6 months
1. I am happy with my current gender identity/ies
2. I am happy with my current sexuality/ies
3. I have felt confident and a sense of self-worth
4. I have felt generally anxious, tense and/or preoccupied
5. I have felt socially anxious, tense and/or preoccupied
6. I have felt isolated and/or lonely
7. I have felt depressed / down / low
8. I agree to unsafe sex when it is asked of me
9. I do things sexually that I don’t want to do in order to feel loved or accepted
10. I know how to use a condom/femidom/dam correctly
11. Have you, a relative or friend or work colleague, or a doctor or other health professional been concerned about your drinking or suggested you cut down?
Please continue to Question 12 if answered 'N/A' or 'No'
Would you like to know about some support services relating to alcohol?
12. Do you use recreational/party drugs?
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