MGBCA Hall of Fame Nomination
It is the purpose of the HALL OF FAME to give special recognition to people who have made contributions and promoted High School Girls Basketball.

Who May Be Selected

A. High School Coaches Division
Nominees must be active or retired coaches who have coached a minimum ­fifteen (15) years of varsity basketball, with a minimum of 10 years coaching girls basketball.
Nominees must be current or past members of the MGBCA and the parent organization

B. Special Services Division
Nominees are non-high school coaches who have made major contributions promoting high school girls basketball in Minnesota. Examples include administrators, athletic directors, college coaches, writers, broadcasters, game officials, program developers, basketball pioneers, trainers, etc.
Former high school coaches who have made major contributions in promoting high school girls basketball in Minnesota.

Selection Criteria
A. Nominees must have demonstrated dedication to the highest values of competitive high school girls basketball.
B. Nominees must have conducted their programs in a beneficial way for players, schools, and communities.
C. Membership and participation by the nominees in the MGBCA and its parent organization will be given consideration.

Nomination Process
A. Any MGBCA member may make a nomination to the Hall of Fame committee by filling out the proper form. Non-members must act through members in placing nominations.
B. Nominators must submit the nomination form by January 1.
C. A three-fourths (3/4) vote is needed for acceptance. Nominations not selected remain for 5 years at which time they must be renominated.
D. Those selected will be announced at the State Tournament and awarded during the Summer All Star Series.
E. The number of inductees are not to exceed seven (7) per year. All ties in the selection process will be settled by a re-vote of the committee.

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