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By completing this application you affirm that you agree to the following Terms & Conditions:

Merchandise - All merchandise must be new, handmade, or independently-designed by you. Market901 is a family-friendly business and we reserve the right to refuse any merchandise deemed unsuitable at our discretion including but not limited to products with offensive or pornographic language or imagery, alcohol or alcohol-related products, products with copyrighted images, logos, or verbiage, products with verbiage or imagery related to the occult. If you are unsure if your products meet these standards, please email us a photo of your product and we will advise you. We reserve the right to limit the number of vendors in a particular category (ex: jewelry) to ensure a diverse selection.

Fees - Market901 charges a flat fee of $100 to participate. These fees will cover our expenses and advertising. We will also collect a 20% commission on each item sold. Commission covers credit card fees and packaging.

Inventory - Once accepted to sell at Market901, you are obligated to keep sufficient stock on hand to meet orders for the duration of the selling period - Nov 23 - Dec 31, 2018.

Payment - Commission will be paid to participating artisans on Dec 14th and Jan 4th. When completing the application form below you can choose to receive your funds via paper check or PayPal.

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