Bluecoats Alumni Jacket Pre-Order Form
Alumni jackets are ordered twice a year (Spring and Fall), but only if a minimum order is met. You may fill out this form at any time during the year to complete the first half of your order. NO PAYMENT IS REQUIRED in filling out this form. You will receive an e-mail when there are enough jackets to place for the corps to complete an order with instructions to confirm your order and then with a link to pay for it.

Take caution to complete the items carefully as the Bluecoats are not responsible for typing errors that result in incorrect sizing and/or personalization. NOTE: "Men's cut" jackets run straight to the waist (see images). There are Women's cuts available.

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What years did you march? *
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NOTE: many alumni state that the men's cut runs a little small for the size.
Shipping will add $10 to your order when finalize your order on-line.
There is no shipping cost if you are able to pick it up in North Canton. Arrangements can be made for pick up but will be at the availability of corps personnel.
If you are planning on having the jacket shipped internationally, there will be an additional charge.
IMPORTANT INFORMATION about the jackets displayed below.
The jacket shown below is the actual design, style and color. The information you place on this form will be what is used for ordering and personalizing. If you change the size when you "checkout" of the corps store, it will NOT change the size you ordered (this form supersedes the corps store). Since the jackets will be personalized they cannot be returned.
Alumni Jacket - Small Logo ONLY on front left chest, blank back (approx. $75)
Alumni Jacket - Small Logo ONLY on front left chest
Alumni Jacket - Big Back Logo, front left 2 line personalization (approx. $90)
Alumni Jacket - Big Back Logo, front left 2 line personalization. Supplier cost determined with number of jackets ordered.
Which Alumni Jacket are you ordering? *
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