UBC Rapid Order Form
Minimum Order fee: $5
(Includes $5 setup fee, startup costs and minimal supports/brim removal)

DON'T HAVE A GOOGLE ACCOUNT? Send your file to internal.ubcrapid@gmail.com along with all the required answers in the question form below.

Cost of print depends on the file and number of pieces required. You will be contacted within 48hrs with an estimate of the cost of your print and time needed to print.

Order must be picked up at Hennings 122 (or coordinated with Rapid member).

Usual completion date is ~5-7 working days AFTER PAYMENT has been received.

Payment will be done through CASH ONLY and given a receipt at UBC Rapid (Henning 122). We have minimal amounts of change so our cost estimate is rounded to the multiple of $0.25.

Please contact internal.ubcrapid@gmail.com for any concerns or questions.

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Upload your .STL file(s). (Dimensions should be in mm) FORMAT MUST BE "YOURNAME_# of Copies_FILENAME" (e.g. "JOHNDOE_2_Turtle.stl") *
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NOTE: Please allow 48hrs for a response and an estimate/quote for the cost of your print.
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