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Registration is still open for Batch 2: 10-14 August 2020
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1. Chess - by Utut Adianto Chess School
Course Description: Upskill your chess game and master professional moves, in this lesson, we are going to share several traps and tactics, including Openings, Pins , Forks and Double Attacks that should be known as chess player.

Materials/Equipment needed: a chess board (optional)

Age Group: open to all ages, 5-17. Participants will be divided by skill level/experience, not age.

Important note: participants will have a basic, short assessment the week before the course to determine the correct class for each participant

Time Schedule: 10am to 11am WIB
Duration: 60 min/day
Delivery Method: Zoom
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2. Coding - by Coding Bee
Course Description: Learning to code prepares students for the most relevant knowledge they can learn today. Coding is very useful for almost all fields of work. In addition, studying coding can also aid students’ cognitive development in other fields by fostering self-confidence; develop problem solving skills through a computational, systematic and logical mindset; enhance creativity and imagination.
Lessons: Building Software, Apps, Games, Animations, etc.

Materials/Equipment needed: a laptop or desktop (Mac/Windows), not a mobile device

Age Group: open to all ages, 5-17.
Class division: 5-7 | 8-10 | 11-13 | 14-17

Time Schedule: 1.30pm to 3pm WIB
Duration: 90 min/day
Delivery Method: Zoom
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3. Art & Craft - by Ganara Art Studio
Course Description: Facilitating children to express their creativity through painting & pottery classes. Perfect activities to feed those curious minds, because children will be introduced to many techniques in painting & pottery such as mixing colors, creating a self-portrait, and even creating their favorite animals.

Materials/Equipment needed:
Junior Class (Age 5-11)
1 kg of clay, 1 set acrylic paint, 1 palette, 2 brushes, 5 drawing papers
Senior Class (Age 12-17)
1 kg of clay, 1 set watercolor paint, 1 palette, 2 brush, 5 watercolor papers

Important note: Materials for activities mentioned above will be provided, and will be shipped to your address (only in Jakarta or Tangerang). Kindly fill the shipping address in the next question.
If you are currently not in Jakarta/Tangerang, but would like to participate, you will need to procure the materials independently.

Age Group: open to all ages, 5-17.
Class division: 5-8 | 9-11 | 12-14 | 15-17

Time Schedule: 9.00am to 10.00am WIB
Duration: 60 min/day
Delivery Method: Zoom
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Shipping Address for Art & Craft Materials
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4. Entrepreneurship (Personal & Business Readiness) - by Orbit Future Academy
Course Description: Budding entrepreneurs generally experience many highs and lows. Having business seriousness to ensure you create a value out of it and not merely treat it as a hobby requires a combination of hard work, persistence, self-awareness, skills of time and team management, effective communication and most importantly the right attitude.

Startups for Youth Personal Readiness program is an introductory program for all students, which aims to provide insight and training to achieve certain learning objectives such as being self-aware, decision making, leadership, prioritisation, readiness, identification of a problem and it?s solution. Students that are graduating, lack the advanced skills and innovative thinking to work through the modern day challenges in the workplace. Thus, entrepreneurship, the capacity to not only start companies, but also to think creatively and ambitiously, is what we aim to instill in students, and achieve through this program.

Materials/Equipment needed: Paper/notebook and a pen

Age Group: open to students 10 years and above
Class division: 10-13 | 14-17

Time Schedule: 11.00am to 1.00pm WIB (10-13 age group) & 3pm to 5pm WIB (14-17 age group)
Duration: 120 min/day
Delivery Method: Zoom
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