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Leadership Education is based on the principle that education is individualized. No two people are exactly alike and can have needs unique to them. A parent can seek alternate assignments for their child, or a mentor can give an alternate assignment to a student based on the Vision, Mission, Ability, Skill and Knowledge of that student. Sometimes a Polar Star family has a particular need that doesn't fit with the letter of the law, but still matches in spirit.

If this is the case, then that Polar Star member can seek to hold audience with the Polar Star Board and seek for a variance, or permission to vary from the norm, in order to meet the needs of their family. The family will need to abide by the Board's decision. The Board will be asking the question, "Does this variance hinder the mission of our school to inspire families to get a leadership education or does it support our mission, to make possible a Leadership Education?"

The Executive Board at Polar Star will respond to this variance request in a timely manner.

To seek a variance, a Polar Star member must communicate using this form with their electronic signature to the Board.
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