On-line STEM Escape Room
You and your friends want to try an escape room but with the COVID-19 crisis, this is not possible. You did some searching on the internet and found an on-line escape room. You call your friends, everyone goes to the website and you get started.
The host of the escape room welcomes you, "Welcome everyone. My name is Brennan and I will be your host for your on-line escape room experience. You can work as a team to answer the puzzles and questions inside this room. One of you will need to time your team as my timer is broken. When you go to the next page, please start your timer. Your goal is to complete your mission within 20 minutes. If you go over, that is fine. Now let me give you some background to your room.
The story goes - you and your friends are walking around in your school. You enter one of the rooms when suddenly the door slams shut. You try to open it but it is locked. This door is the only way out. You notice a key pad beside the door. You try to push a few keys but the door does not open. Good luck.
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