Sharing Experience of Online Teaching
The current situation has given rise to the need to adopt a blended teaching-learning methodology in schools. As schools transition to the new ways of operating, the right tools, training, and resources can help teachers conduct online teaching effectively.

This survey is being conducted to hear your opinion on how you managed the transition in the past 3 months. Your information will be kept confidential.
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Classes taught by the Respondent
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Subjects taught
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Environmental Studies
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Please rate the following teacher-student interactions, in order of importance. *
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2 (Important)
3 (Very important)
Student Motivation
Meaningful Assessment
Attention to Students with Special Needs
Engagement with Students
Remediation for Improvement
Syllabus Coverage
Social Skills development
Emotional Well being
Have you conducted online classes for your students? If yes, then which tool did you use? *
Rate the following activities on the basis of interest they generated in students. *
Displaying a white/green board on the screen
Videos and animations
Teaching with e-book
Homework Assignments
Assessment quizzes
Practical Demonstrations of activities
How satisfied were you with the online teaching process in terms of the following. 1 means not satisfied and 3 means very satisfied *
1 (Not Satisfied)
2 ( Satisfied )
3 (Very Satisfied)
Syllabus Coverage
Student Engagement
Continuity of Teaching
What kind of training, if any,  did you get from your institution, to run online classes? *
What kind of online professional development would be of interest to you in the changing education landscape? State the topics of interest. *
Have you used a learning management solution in your school? If yes, which one and for how many years? *
If you were to choose an LMS for your school, please rate the features which you would like to have in the system, with 1 being the lowest priority for you and 5 highest. *
1(Not Important)
5 (Very Important)
Content Organisation (e-books + Digital Resources)
Assessment (Tests) online and Offline
Track/retrieve student assignments
Audio/video Lectures (as part of content)
Quizzes for Students Self Practice
Discussion Boards
Messaging facility
Mobile Apps (for Teachers / Students / Parents
Calendar Tool
Homework Assignment
Any Other
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