Looking at our experiences holistically to see the interconnectedness between the personal and professional: the SCIL Interest Group showcase at CARL 2020
Thank you for your interest in sharing your skills and passion at our interest group showcase for CARL 2020. We will be looking at the group as a whole when we choose applicants to get a well rounded mix of librarians. Please let us know what specific talents you bring to instruction librarianship that you want to share with the attendees of the conference!
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The plot so far...
We are looking for a dream-team of instruction experts to participate in a round-table speed dating showcase of the talents of our SCIL Membership at the SCIL Interest Group Showcase at CARL 2020. For our showcase, we are planning to assemble a group of 4-5 experts on different aspects of library instruction, and one of them could be you.
Information literacy instruction is a complex, ever-changing endeavor and librarians are continually challenged to help students with their research assignments, be engaging, do it all with more/less technology, and challenge our students to improve their critical thinking skills and become lifelong learners continually.
If chosen, you will be asked to prepare a five-minute presentation on a recent project or your general expertise. Following the five-minute presentations, you will take questions/lead a discussion from the group of attendees. At the end of 10 minutes, you rotate to the next group of attendees and engage with them.
Casting call
Choose a role below that you feel best describes your approach to instruction, or that you feel you can lead a passionate discussion about in a small group.

If you feel like you could speak to multiple aspects of instruction librarianship, please submit multiple times. We're looking for an interesting and balanced group of 4-5 areas of expertise.
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How do you embody this role when acting as an instruction librarian? Give as much or as little detail as you like. *
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If selected, will you be able to attend the 11:20 am -12:20pm session on Thursday, April 2? *
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