luxe preview
This form is for expressing interest in the luxe engine preview closed beta!

There are no wrong answers, everyone is eligible for the closed beta.

Nothing here is deciding whether you will get access to the closed beta or not. The information is helpful to align expectations, and to help us allow a diverse range of testers to help, e.g from beginner to experienced and everyone in between.

All questions are optional. Feel free to add as much detail as you're comfortable with.

For more details about luxe or the preview cycle,
see this post 
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If we want to reach out to you about access to the closed beta, it'd be useful to have a way to do that.
All fields are optional however, you don't need to specify any at all.

If you have a preference, leave the others empty and only fill in your preferred choice.
discord  user ( e.g user#1234 or @username )
luxe has a discord server you can (and should!) join ( ). If you have a discord user ID, we can reach out to you/assign roles/ping directly via discord.
twitter url
If you follow luxe on twitter ( ) we can reach out via DM. Include the full url to your profile, e.g
doesn't have to be the same one used for the luxe mailing list on
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