Survey of interest and input for a gathering to support community/ independent media, Ottawa-Gatineau
This is for people involved in making community / grassroots / independent media, and-or who are involved or support such organizations and efforts. The purpose is to bring us together to discuss challenges, opportunities, and possibilities / vision, and to build symbiotic connections. The proposed form this may start with, is either a short (2-3 hours) event with facilitated discussion, presentation, and 'networking', and-or a larger event with multiple sessions .

Please do provide your input on this form - by the end of September if possible - and also send this link to people you know who might also be interested.


Media Democracy Day is a long-running idea usually mid-to-late October. The 20-year anniversary of Indymedia is Nov 30. Local campus-based media are facing funding losses with the new provincial 'Student Choice Initiative'. Overall, the media field ('media ecology') is now constantly shifting: community- and independent-media initiatives have many barriers to sustainable and successful operations, and individuals making these types of media face related challenges.
Organizing For Justice organized a Media Democracy Day event and conference in 2012: as well as supporting the national Alternative Media Movement Assembly in 2014 at the People's Social Forum

*This survey is currently only offered in English - please email us with any input on language:
* FRANCA|S: Ceci est actuellement offert uniquement en anglais - veuillez nous envoyer un email avec vos commentaires sur la langue
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