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Do take note that SSAJ discloses members' personal details with only two third-party organizations, and even then only when the need arises - the Singapore Embassy in Japan and the Japanese University Graduates' Association of Singapore (JUGAS), details of which are available on our website (www.ssaj.net/). In dealing with other organizations, such as human resource companies providing information about job openings and internships, information about members' educational institutions and language ability is aggregated and made anonymous; names and contact details are never disclosed. You can rest assured that SSAJ takes information privacy very seriously.

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As your graduation approaches, JUGAS (Japanese University Graduates' Association of Singapore) would like to contact you via email with information on how to join their association.
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SSAJ links interested speakers up to related educational institutions so that we can promote studying in Japan as an option for students in Singapore by sharing our personal experiences studying abroad and sharing useful tips on how they can attempt to do so.
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