Mahila Arts Commerce College, Chandur Rly.
B. A. I (Sem. I) Subject - English Online Examination 2018-19 (Poem Section )
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1.How do one’s children change when one enters the middle age?
2.Children’s are compared to ---------------in the poem.
3.How does the speaker deal with the loss of closeness with her son?
4. The first line of the poem Middle Age contains an example of
5. The first stanza of the poem also contains Middle Age
6.Daylight “denies” night its soft light.
7.The first stanza focuses on imagery of the night, while the second stanza focuses on the imagery of day
8. The attitude of the speaker is best described as one of
9.The last stanza of "She walks in beauty"relies heavily on which of the following?
10. Who is the subject of the poem She walks in beauty?
11.What does the poet see in her eyes?
12.What is the name of women in the poem She walks in beauty?
12. Children are compared to --------in Middle Ages.
Prose Section- B.A. I
1. Kalam had always been fascinated by -----
2. Which of these authors does name as one of his favorite writers?
3. Why did Kalam decide to study engineering
4. Which of these professors taught Kalam, through a practical lesson the value of hard work and the importance of delivering under pressure?
5.What does Maneka Gandhi describes as the inevitable corollary of loving?
6. Where did the sparrows build their nest?
7. Numam Numm needed to be fed every
8. what caused Numam Numm to lose confidence in her flying abilities ?
9. Nehru compares freedom ---
10. Peace is
11. who does Nehru credit as the architect of India’s freedom
12. What does Nehru urges his fellow Indians to eschew?
13. How did Ray begin his career?
14. How does Ray refer to cinema?
15. Way did Ray find tobe the hardest part of making his first film?
16. Where did Ray shoot Pather Panchali?
17. What was the first frame Ray shot for the first film?
18. What major problems did Ray face while filming The Music Room?
19. The new wave turned the lack of ---------in to a virtue.
20. According to Ray which European film maker displays a rare economy of mean?
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