Undefinable & Expansive
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God Is; All, I AM.
"This is the "Religion" of the Entire Universe and all Existence." ~ Rev. Devan Jesse Byrne
If it must be defined, it shall be as thus:
These Religious Statutes are in place in consideration of the residual archaic-mindset that is evidence of the belief that it is important to define something to constitute its status and validity. While these are only short, basic understandings of the perimeters of this "Religious Practice” in no way is the actual practice confined to its limits.  

"The Actual God of all-that-is can have no enemies, nor does it need to destroy them, for if there are any, it IS them." ~ Rev. Devan Jesse Byrne
We Believe in an All-Inclusive & Unified Existence.
Within this existence, as seemingly independent beings we strive to represent the essence and singular source of the universe in each breathing moment. We have decided to choose the perception of an all-encompassing Love or recognize it as a lesson to soon do so [admitting when done successfully the world opens to a transparent and illuminated reality]. Together we support any motivation of those feeling it while Individually we seek to fulfill our personal divine purpose, callings, and design. We naturally open our minds and hearts to greater potential and do what it takes to clear our conduit for understanding and representing our current grasp on the totality of Truth.

"You can NOT be excommunicated from the Universe." ~ Rev. Devan Jesse Byrne
The Seventh Seal of Sol-OMan
The Seventh Seal of Sol-OMan - While symbolized by this image, there are a multitude of variations used, revolving this same central theme. See more examples of it here: http://bit.ly/SeventhSealofSolOMan
More examples of "The Seventh Seal of Sol-OMan"
Here: http://bit.ly/SealofSolOMan

"I have absolutely no motivation in this world than to raise a noble family and teach them of the Truth I experience. I am elated when others desire to know this Truth as well, for it also makes them family." ~ Rev. Devan Jesse Byrne
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(Each of these Articles are initially abridged within curled-braces "{ }" for a simpler, layman understanding, NOT for quotations of impartial and misunderstood description.)  -  If you like what you read/hear, You can help us gain legal religious status by registering as a member of this faith, at the end of the list. You will be sent a free gift.
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